Civil Law

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The term civil law is all encompassing. It would include breach of contract, tort actions, which may be intentional or negligent, real estate disputes and so forth. Depending of the nature of the litigation, a lawsuit may be filed in a municipal or county court which has jurisdiction, or in common pleas court if the monetary claims exceed the jurisdiction of the lower courts.

The Butler County Common Pleas Court offers mediation to the litigants, and the Court has been very successful in resolving legal disputes without lengthy and costly litigation.

The burden of proof in a civil case is a preponderance of the evidence, a tipping of the scales of justice, in favor of the Plaintiff or the Defendant.

Fiehrer & Fritsch have represented both Plaintiffs as well as Defendants, advocating the position of our clients, assuring quality and affordable legal representation.

The above is intended to be an overview of criminal law, applicable in all Courts in Ohio.